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Effective to Great Education
Making Wellness the Foundation of Learning with School Communities

About Us

Our aim is to make wellness the foundation of learning with schools. We change how schools manage student mental wellbeing as we know it today. We do this by incorporating high quality culturally responsive trauma-informed mental health and well-being education with the school community.


Our solutions are designed to advance education equity and social impact. We ensure that our technologies are geared to reach and support all types of school communities including the most historically marginalized.


Explore our extensive collection of working research papers that serve as a comprehensive guide to the realm of mental health and well-being understanding and the experiences of marginalized communities in education. These thoughtfully curated papers provide valuable insight into the mission of Effective to Great Education.

Our Technology

We focus on developing tools to deliver consistent culturally responsive and trauma-informed mental health and school community well-being education, practice, and support of whole child development in schools. These solutions aim to disrupt systemic education issues by making wellness the foundation of learning in schools today.

Our flagship product, Mindfulness Labs, is a generative AI co-creation platform for schools to empower educators with easily integrating mental health and well-being into everyday classroom learning.


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There is a National Scarcity in School Counselors, Here’s How D.C. Public Schools Perform

Jazlyn White


Mental Health’s Impact on Students’ Academic Attainment

Clare Kennedy


Whose Promise: Black Students, Their Teachers, and the Education System

Charlotte DeVaughn

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