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In an ideal school, what would social studies look like?

Over the 4th holiday, I met up with a very good friend and colleague for a coffee chat to fill her in on Effective to Great Education (ETG-Education) developments. During our conversation, I asked her if she recalled anything she learned in social studies other than general history. I also asked why is the education of race and culture missing in the overall study of societies. In an age where we have the Black Lives Matter movement and new policy protections for LGBTQ students’, the cultural competence of students is critical to create a thriving sense of school community. ETG-Education’s tools and technology are designed to help fulfill this void.

Therefore, after having a recent conversation about schools building students’ cultural competence, I was really excited to come across this video today. ETG-Education programs and technology are grounded in developing students’ emotional intelligence and cultural awareness. We know that these skills will help them not only make good decisions, but also have a stronger sense of self when faced with adversity. ETG-Education helps schools strengthen developing at-risk kids in this arena, so that they spend less time dealing with disciplinary issues and more time in the classroom learning.

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